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About Michael F. Combs

Michael nearly died in 2003, but recalls only having regrets for those things that he wished that he would have accomplished in this life. It took nearly two years to recover, and during that time he knew that he had specific tasks that needed to be accomplished. He is a world record holder in aviation, has painted over 140 oil paintings, is an accomplished author, and is endeavoring to reach the depth of the Human Soul with his music.

Still in touch with the spiritual side of existence, he reaches into the depths of humanity with his music that touches specific areas of life and targets everything from specific emotions to individual cells.

Embracing his true gift of music, Michael will tirelessly focus his efforts until the collective consciousness of mankind is emitting a brighter light when viewed from afar as well as to one another.

More Insight

It’s funny where life takes you. When Michael was in his early 20’s he was offered a spot as a pianist for the Vienna Symphony Orchestra. As a self-taught pianist who had just learned piano a few years earlier, this was a tremendous honor and opportunity. To this day he doesn’t remember why he turned it down.

A born musician, he learned to play the accordion as a child then at 15 taught himself to play piano. A few years later he learned violin, guitar, keyboards and more. But somehow, with life’s twists and turns he ended up pursuing business interests that led him away from music. Soon the demands of his leadership role in his mountain community outside Denver, Colorado came to haunt him in the form of a chronic and life threatening heart condition.
He was quick to re-evaluate what was most important and find the quiet, internally, to overcome. “In Search of Peace” was born from his own quest to find balance -- a life without stress, days full of appreciation, gratitude and love…to live in the moment. This CD was straight from his heart, an expression of who he is, and what he stands for.

Michael's third CD (his first was a private release) was released later that year -- a Christmas celebration album titled "In the Spirit".

After these CD was released Michael suffered from more heart-related problems, and several years later he nearly died (as you can read elsewhere on this site.)  Worn out from all the years of difficulty, his heart simply gave out...but he was revived, twice in three days.  During both experiences he had distinct near-death experiences.

His recovery was uncertain. As a result, it looked as though his life would be very limited, but Michael wouldn’t accept that fate. He fought to overcome and ended up defying all odds and is now stronger than he's been in years.

With all the other creative works moving along he is also working on the compositions for his next music CD. In fact, since his experience he frequently gets headaches because of all the new music in his thoughts that play over and over, just waiting to be expressed.

As with the art and books, the new music is diverse from symphonies and operas to techno and new age. It’s an incredible story...one that continues to evolve.

In 2015 Michael released Inner Whisper, quite an accomplishment considering he was battling kidney cancer at the time.  His mental and physical battles are refected in the titles and can be felt in the music itself.  He also released 10 mediations in 2015.  Most were designed to help him with his own challenges, but as others learned of them, the popularity of the pieces grew and they are now widely distributed.  


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I first heard Michael Combs "In Search of Peace" at a friend's house and I immediately paused what I was doing and had to listen. It calmed me right down to my soul. Since then I play it ever single night before I go to sleep, and I play it before I'm going into big meetings. It helps me to focus and stay creative. If you are stressed, lonely, sick, or need some peace in your life, then this is for you. If you are looking for creativity, then don't waste any more time and do yourself a favor. Thankyou Michael Combs. I want to meet you someday!

This CD is very peaceful but very different too. We play it as background music that sets a wonderful mood. Looking for more music or his website.

When I first listened to Michael's music, I was moved beyond measure. As I listened to them, several of his songs made me weep. There is a passion here that is rare in the music world. I literally listen to these songs every day. I am seeking more of Michael's music, and want to hear him in concert. Thank-you CD Baby!

When I heard this music, it touched my soul! I found myself lost in the notes of every song. I appreciated the variety of selections on this album, they are so different from one another. Most amazing that I read on a blog that these songs are primarily "first take" songs so that we can actually enjoy hearing what music sounds like as it is being written. Michael has a gift in his heart that I want more of.

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Don't know why it was named In Search of Peace because it's peaceful. I love this CD, it's one of my absolute favorites. Whenever I get stressed out, this calms me right down and gets me back on track. The music is so real and so deep. Nice to hear a musician play from their heart.