After battling heart problems for nearly 10 years, in 2003 Michael's heart had finally worn out.  It progressively slowed, then stopped, his breathing with it.  Several minutes passed as those who loved him took in what they had just witnessed, and said their final prayers and goodbyes.  But then, he suddenly took in a deep breath, and his heart began to beat again.  The same thing happened again three days later!
In each instance Michael had an extensive near-death experience and the experiences gave him full conviction of his purpose in life and a determination to live.  Although he survived, the oxygen loss severely affected his memory and his heart was extremely weak.  Sometimes, barely able to move, and on daily seemed pointless to have had such elaborate near-death experiences and to defy the odds, only to die like that.
A determined individual, Michael came back fighting with renewed purpose and an understanding that his work was not yet done.  Through mental exercises, he fought to recover his memory and has regained much of it.  He studied and explored alternative treatments for his heart and as of today, he's stronger and more vital than he's been in years.  But, that's not the only amazing part...
Nine months in to his recovery, still on strict bedrest, Michael woke up one morning and confidently exclaimed, "I know how to paint."  Keep in mind that he had never had an artistic eye, or interest in it for that matter.  However, he said that while he was sleeping he was instructed on how to use paints, colors, brushes and techniques.  Believe it or not, he's painted more than 100 original pieces since then.  Oddly, michael combswith each one, his heart seems to grow stronger still.
The artwork was not the only thing that's come to live through this.  Michael also found that his musical talent has much so that he gets headaches from all the new music playing in his mind.  (Be sure to listen to his music while you're here.)  And, yet another piece of the puzzle is his creativity and interest in writing -- and the "zone", as he calls it, to be open to wherever the stories lead.  He's now completed his first book entitled "Ten Days with an Angel" which was written in just a few months and has already begun working on his next book entitled, "The Broad Jumper."  We expect many more to follow.
He is an amazingly warm and humble man with a contagious, child-like outlook on life, and a heart to serve others.  Through these various art forms, he is fulfilling his purpose in life.  In turn, it's this act of giving and sharing these things that gives him strength, one heart at a time. 
We thank God every day for what he continues to do and we sincerely hope you are touched by Michael's story and by these works as well.  Be encouraged!

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